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  • Posted:Friday 10 May 2013

Sir Muir Gray, Director, Better Value Health Care, considers the next steps towards improving health and social care in the future. He explains how we must move away from institutional-based health care and focus on population-based systems instead.

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medical university
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04 July 2013
I want to read your book about evidence -base health care (How to make health policy and managment decison )for a big exame that is very important for me ,unfortunately I didint have time to read all part of it i want to have its audio but i dont know how to have it. would you please guide me .

John Carter

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12 August 2013
Either institutional or population-based systems can provide adequate and appropriate care to our population. The problem is that those managing the process at present appear to have an inflated opinion of their own capabilities and organize their structure and remuneration to suit.
Recent failures, leading to lessons being learned - and then as quickly forgotten, do nothing for what used to be a compassionate service.
Until this is reinstated, from the highest levels, we shall continue to rely on working staff who are, in the main, doing their best with inadequate resources, but are being driven from above by inferior management. Reverse this problem and there are adequate funds to provide all of the eligible population with suitable health care.

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