Mike Nolan: how relationship-centred care can improve patient outcomes

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  • Posted:Thursday 22 November 2012

Mike Nolan, Professor of Gerontological Nursing at the University of Sheffield, questions the way we think about patient care and looks at how we can get caring right.

This was recorded during our Transforming patient experience annual conference 2012. This annual conference was developed to highlight excellent work being done in the field of patient experience.


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02 December 2012
Interesting talk . Is there an update on this now that in order to prevent bed blocking so much elderly care is now at home with help from Community care, often to be paid for by family after 6 weeks NHS funded care. steep learning curve....worrying for future....some carers v. good some like prison warders.. no consistancy of training it would seem without regulatory body. First hand experience from 87 year old father, who had been very active suddenly struck down with severe stroke leaving paralaysis on lh side. 89 year old wife in charge of nighime care.two week residential care, costing £1100 per week proved more of a disaster and just as much anxiety. Reply if poss plse. thank you.

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