Michael West: developing cultures of high-quality care

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Michael West

In the first of our series of lectures on leadership in the NHS, Michael West, Professor of Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University Management School, looked at how leaders can develop a culture of high-quality care and patient safety in their organisations.

Michael West: developing cultures of high quality care

You can download the full transcript from Michael West's presentation: Michael West: developing cultures of high quality care - Transcript

About the leadership lecture series

Taking place in the run up to our annual NHS Leadership and Management Summit, these free to attend lectures are designed for clinical and managerial leaders in health care.


#40149 Jacky Hayden
Postgraduate Dean
North Western Deanery

Thank you, an inspirational talk.

#40181 Trudi Mann
NHS N.E.W. Devon CCG

Truly inspiring - I am sharing with my new leaders and plan to watch this every time I feel myself slipping back into command and control mode - thanks Prof West


I was startled by Michael's claim that the vast majority of people want to do a good job - That isn't my experience in the 74 years I have been around. Maybe most people want to do something well but that isn't always the job they're paid to do.

As to command and control, wasn't that Florence Nightingale's approach? Afterwards, Michael argued probably rightly that that was in a different era. I think a lot of patients might wish it was possible now.

#40188 Jules Acton
Director of Engagement & Membership
National Voices

Inspiration and good common sense in one great presentation

#40189 john adams
rertired business executive
Volunteer with two children associated health charities

I agree with every word of this lecture. The problem is that the NHS has command and control from the top executive, a former communist, versed in this approach. Only information that supports the view that all is perfect in the NHS is allowed to reach the politicians/media until the performance of an establishment causes public outcry. Stalin never had a bad 5 year agricultural plan, but 20 million people starved. If anyone blabbed they were shot. Now we pay for silence. As a young manager one of the issues one absorbed was the acronym GOYA. It was to remind you not to trust the paperwork stuffed under your nose. but to go and see what is actually happening and talk to the people. At the risk of lowering the tone it stands for "Get Off Your Arse".

#40242 Phyllis Dunn
Clinical lead nurse

Makes an important contribution to conversations regarding culture in the Nhs

#40346 Lisa Millichap

Very interesting and inspirational lecture.

#40754 Dr Omar Selim
Care Advisor
St Mary's Care

That's what I call a Yorkshire man who tells a spade a spade. Factual comment worth considering by health and care chiefs.

#40931 Claire Maxwell
Leadership Development Lead
Newcastle upon Tyne Hoapitals NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you for a truly inspirational talk. For me, the key words are humanity and values and as Michael suggests is this not why most people join the NHS - in that they want to make a difference and care for patients - and hopefully each other in a humane and value driven way. This video will be incorporated into all of our leadership programmes - to help to inspire and encourage our staff and students to become better leaders.

#41770 sarah betteridge
London Metropolitan University

Professor West has really highlighted major issues that points to the heart of communication. Also people need incentives and motivation which is often received from patient satisfaction not the organisation. Not sure if courage comes into it, knowledge is powerful and should be equally shared.

The NHS is a learning organisation and it's people that makes it happen. It has a culture of top down approach and listening to the Professors talk somehow doesn't seems very general.

#544900 Anita
Aylesbury GP Practice

When was the last time this brilliant lecturer has had his hands dirty on an acute ward on the long shift?

#545058 lena abdu
health visitor
first community health and care

As a health visitor I found this talk immensely helpful. On Monday I am about to start a new role as a clinical team leader and my mind is now full of ideas as to how I can strive to shape the cultures of the teams I will serve. I intend to ask the teams the 3 questions outlined under team working and to keep refereshing myself with the 6 key areas highlighted...creating an inspiring vision, translating vision into objectives, people management, staff engagement and outcomes, team working and values based leadership. I am fortunate to work for social enterprise committed to these values but know we can never be complacent. If there is any opportunity to see the powerful slides that come with the presentation I would be very grateful and would ensure they are put to best use. This was highly motivating.

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