Michael von Bertele: how can we deliver patient-centred care in the future?

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  • Posted:Thursday 28 February 2013

Michael von Bertele, Chief Executive Officer, Picker Institute, sets out his vision of patient-centred care in the future: where a multi-disciplinary team is centred around patients instead of care pathways. He also explained the importance of choosing conditions where we can make the biggest gains, and that we should be constantly monitoring and learning to improve quality and efficiency.

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Nigel Fenner

Founder and Director,
SEMPA CIC (or Supporting Employers Managing PAs)
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23 July 2014
I totally agree that a multi-disciplinary approach around the patient rather than a care pathway is the best way forward. In order to achieve this however, a 'Contract of Trust' is vital between the patient and the variety of services they need and tap into. At SEMPA we enable disabled and elderly employers to develop a Contract of Trust with the carers / PAs they employ so that they can live at home. SEMPA’s promotional video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os5Afb4vOrw

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