Marion Janner: Star Wards - a lunatic making over the asylum

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  • Posted:Thursday 20 November 2014

Marion Janner OBE, Chief Executive, Star Wards, speaking at the transforming patient and staff experience conference on 5 November 2014.


talia cohen

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21 April 2015

Chapeau Marion; you are wonderful in a way that only people that have suffered are (why is that?)

I am inspired, but have also had not great experiences of voluntary work; although I have had a lot of experience on both sides of mental health. I am a flamenco dancer. I think I knew you a little when we were young and you won all your fencing matches because your opponents were taken by surprise and you never were. You still have that extraordinary charm and are obviously a serious force for good. Please let me know if I can do anything. Talia

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