Liz Fradd on experiences of care

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  • Posted:Tuesday 12 July 2011

Liz Fradd gives a moving account of her mother's experiences of care.


mary mcclarey

independent consultant,
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22 August 2011
This interview resonated with my experiences when both my elderly parents were hospitalised . There were many kindessess shown - sometiems by teh qualified staff but often by the unqualifed staff or ancillary- cleaners etc.,and frequently these small acts of kindness,acknowledging the individual behind the illness were a great comfort adn real help to both my parents as well as to their daughters and sons. Liz's point about the need to consider the family details and use the informtion do need to be taken to heart and integrated into care plans.Maybe we should be more focussed on the communication skills and abilites of heatlh professionals than on their more technical abilites. In this climate of financial pressure it is easy to overlook those aspects which do not have a cost attached.

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