Kim Holt: what are the biggest barriers to achieving culture change within the health service?

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  • Posted:Tuesday 26 May 2015

Dr Kim Holt is a paediatrician with Whittington Health NHS Trust who ‘blew the whistle’ in the Baby P case in Haringey. She later founded Patients First, which is a support network for whistle-blowers. In this talk, Kim shares her experiences and discusses the need to change how the system deals with whistle-blowers – so that it is not the original error but the cover-up which becomes the crime.

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James Rock

Service Design Professional and Lecturer,
DesignThinkers Group
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04 June 2015
if its difficult for professionals within the NHS to get heard imagine how hard it is for patients to get heard. As a recent cancer patient undergoing a long period of treatment I found many things within the system didn't work, were far from human-centred, and as a professional in the field of service design tried to help staff at multiple levels understand how simple things could be changed at zero cost. My voice was completely ignored. I was referred to a complaints department that said they wouldn't talk to me and that I should appoint a solicitor to porch the trust legal department. I was trying to offer my expert help free-of-charge. As an organisation we are helping other hospitals overseas to introduce human-centred innovation. if the NHS resists and doesn't embrace change then the government has little alternative than to outsource it to private organisations that have proven ability to introduce change. Its in the hands of the NHS but I wonder if they will ever embrace the opportunity before them?

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