Julie Bailey: a carer's perspective on leadership in the NHS

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  • Posted:Thursday 06 June 2013

Julie Bailey, Founder, Cure the NHS, gave a poignant speech at The King's Fund's NHS Leadership Summit 2013. She called on the audience to never let the failings at Mid Staffordshire happen again and to ensure that health care leaders listen to the voices of the patients and their carers.

This was part of the 2013 Third Annual NHS Leadership and Management Summit, it provided the opportunity to continue the debate on the leadership implications of the Francis Inquiry and importantly what we really mean by leadership for quality.

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Georgina Craig

Comment date
15 June 2013
Julie Bailey provides a down to earth manifesto for Change in this inspiring speech. A must watch piece.

Dr Omar Slim

Care Advisor,
Comment date
15 June 2013
Nothing will change before cleaning up top management of NHS.

Sheila Carrick

disabled housewife,
Comment date
19 November 2013
does that mean the government has dropped the let old people die in hospitals once they reach a certain age i had one in Stafford hospital and one in Darlington and told it was for the best. Nil by mouth and neglected shaving washing and the rest. Costs too much to keep them alive now getting to that age myself i worry the same fate is coming.
poor Julia Bailey wish i had known i would of helped her. Murdering the elderly and everyone covers each others backs so cannot be proven unless someone blows the whistle and is free to do so without comeback.s

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