Judith H. Hibbard and Jocelyn Cornwell: Patient activation

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  • Posted:Monday 06 December 2010

Judith H. Hibbard, Professor of Health Policy, University of Oregon, talks to Jocelyn Cornwell, Director, Point of Care Programme, about patient activation and measuring activation levels at The King's Fund Annual Conference 2010.


mohammad ali zakeri

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02 March 2018

Hello dear

Judith Hibbard

Research Professor, Health Policy Research Group, University of Oregon

I am a Master of Nursing from Kerman University of Medical Sciences in Iran

I'm researching about Chronic Illness

I investigate chronic illnesses and I encounter your questionnaire

" Self-Management in Chronic Condition ".

"Development of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM): Conceptualizing and measuring activation in patients and consumers"

I am interested in using the questionnaire

And to perform the validity of this questionnaire for Iranian patients. If this is possible, please give directions.

Do you allow us to use a questionnaire in Iran?

Thank you



The King's Fund
Comment date
05 March 2018

Dear Zakari,

Professor Hibbard doesn't work at The King's Fund. You will need to contact her directly for a response to your query.

Best wishes

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