John Appleby on NHS performance under the coalition government

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  • Posted:Thursday 26 March 2015

John Appleby talks through the key findings of our report on NHS performance under the coalition government, drawing on surveys of patient and staff experience; data on outcomes, safety and quality of care; and analysis of NHS productivity and financial performance.


Peter Ashford

Retired factory worker,
Makes exports and collects Tax.
Comment date
27 March 2015
Syringe-drivers are £90 on on-line, The NHS will not accept them. The NHS pays £1000 for the exact same item from their supplier, will someone please explain.

Janet Hall

Programme Manager Health b& Social Care Integrations,
Bolton CCG
Comment date
31 March 2015
so ......over this parliament consultant numbers have risen, nursing numbers have risen and management has been cut by 18%. NHS performance has dropped as management numbers have dropped - is there a correlation here?

John Pope

House parent,
Comment date
20 April 2015
Is there a trend to overspend at the end of every parliament? As politicians strive to either show improvement or mitigate poor performance they and managers loose the reins? In the case of this Parliament it probably makes an already poor position worse.

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