John Appleby: future health and social care spending pressures

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  • Posted:Wednesday 30 January 2013

John Appleby takes a closer look at how spending on the provision of health and social care in England may change in the next 50 years. Drawing on findings from his new report, Spending on health and social care over the next 50 years: why think long term?, he asks whether spending must or should consume such large proportions of GDP in the future, and the fiscal feasibility of this.


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Dennis Main

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31 January 2015
As of yet, no comment to make.

Peter Ashford

Retired factory worker,
Made exports to pay tax.
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27 March 2015
Words and hot air. The NHS pays £1000 for a Syringe-driver, on-line the exact model are £90 each. Can anybody explain?

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