Jim Mackey – hear from the new Chief Executive of NHS Improvement

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  • Posted:Thursday 19 November 2015

Jim Mackey's first speaking appointment as Chief Executive of NHS Improvement was at The King's Fund annual conference. He spoke about NHS deficits and how the newly formed NHS Improvement will approach its role.


Kate gunn

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10 January 2016
How Do you think you are going to inporve any of the NHS deficits when people (you) abuse the tax payers money by using NHS cars and your powerful position to pick up your kids from school/collage? Why have we got to pay for that? Also, your 'kid' got a job without an interview! Do you think the tax payer should be informed?

Hilda Dent

Retired NHS Nurse Administrator,
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10 August 2016
Just what are YOU going to do about Air Pollution and it's prevention?

What programme of research have you set up to investigate the in combination of pollutants rising from the Clay Calciner near St Dennis alongside pollutants rising from the incinerator,across the road from the Clay Calciner,the pollutants from the bottom and fly ash, the vast increase of holiday makers burning rubber on the Cornish roads and their vehicle exhausts.

This summer, the air in Cornwall is thick, with particles .

This is NOT HEALTH. INDUCING and has to be sorted.

The Cornish clay has FLUORIDES .

This is a potent source of dmage to our health and the environment.
Cornwall land is farming land . So what of the likelihood of Dioxins , fouling the land and poisoning the human and cow's milk. Will you be complacent then?
Granted, much praise for all you do to protect people from self inflicted illnesses, but just what are you doing to stop us getting ill from environmental damage, deliberately caused to make us ill, in the furtherance of profit making for large companies , who proffer blood money to communities , to gain acquiescence in their wrong doing and politicians , top executives , even in the NHS. stay silent and take their pay cheques
Is that proper management of our country or of the NHS knowledge and resources?

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