Jeremy Hunt sets out his 25-year vision for the NHS

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  • Posted:Thursday 16 July 2015

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, sets out his vision for the NHS. This includes a continued focus on safety and quality of care, an emphasis on transparency and patient power, and a goal to make the NHS the world’s largest learning organisation.


Peter J Palmer

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20 July 2015
I didn't hear any mention of a fully integrated care system; primary, hospital and community care providers working as one, seamlessly.
This would mean removing competition. Doing so could attach more money to where it's needed.
It means streamlining bureaucracies.....a single local management structure without any conflicting systemic issues.
Perhaps one day, eh?

Rosemary Jones

Comment date
28 July 2015
Negligence and misdiagnosis has just caused unnecessary spending of about £62K on inpatient care, the negligence from a social worker who seems to not want to work and the misdiagnosis from an un-alert psychiatrist reiterating a pre scan psychiatric diagnosis, perhaps to show respect and loyalty to her peers.

The patient suffers from cognitive dysfunction due to cerebral vascular deficiency, and also has some physical and learning disabilities. But he is defined only as 'schizophrenic' and as though that label has causal integrity. The Trust's CEO first put in my letter of concern as a complaint and without my permission, and now refuses to allow a genuine complaint on the grounds a second complaint is not possible. He continues to prevent my communicating with psychiatric and social service professionals and is threatening to further restrict me, whatever that means.

I am being characterised as 'bullying' for insisting my son's diagnosis is recognised so that he can have treatment relevant to it.

If only the 'honest diagnosis' the Health Secretary is emphasizing becomes the basis of NHS delivery, but for now, my son is suffering from complications due to the vascular problems consequent on a head>neck injury, and there is no accountability.

Advice on what to do is very welcome.

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