Jeremy Hunt MP: patient-centred leadership and improving quality

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  • Posted:Tuesday 11 June 2013

We spoke to the Secretary of State for Health, Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, at our Third Annual NHS Leadership and Management Summit held in 2013, to get his views on patient-centred leadership and improving the quality of care in the NHS.

He spoke about the introduction of Ofsted-style ratings for general practice and his plans for holistic, peer reviews of hospitals to replace targets and to ensure that services are putting patients first.

His recent experiences on the front line of health care services have shown him how hard staff in the NHS work, and we hear his opinion that by redefining leadership success with patients in mind, embracing new opportunities in technology and redesigning primary care to be more integrated, we could see significant improvements in the system.

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Dr Z Bachelani

Comment date
12 June 2013
Could I request that a transcript of these videos be posted along with the video, thanks


Digital Comms Manager,
The King's Fund
Comment date
12 June 2013
Dear Dr Bachelani,

Thank you for your email. We are looking into getting transcripts of our videos created, so please do check back soon.

Sally Evans

Comment date
27 June 2013
Are you aware of the state Berkshire ambulance service is in.? Paramedics being sent on emergency's for upset stomach's / headaches etc. This is a direct result from 111 They send ambulance's to every caller. A Paramedic drove on blues for 45 mins ? Control had said there wasn't any other ambulances available. When they got there it was a lady who needed advise Not an ambulance.She has said she will also write to you. Constantly there isn't any ambulances for Newbury as they get sent every where else. This 111 isn't working. All its doing is holding up ambulances who could be else where,where they are needed. Health care for all? not in Newbury Berkshire. Paramedics are leaving in droves. The pressure they are under is unbelievable. Many work 10/11 hours with out meal breaks. Constantly get late jobs,usually sent by 111. Therefore working 14/15 hours each shift. Family life,there isn't one,no time or they are constantly tired. This will effect their abilities to carry out there job. Something needs to be done,NOW,before the whole system breaks down.

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