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  • Posted:Thursday 24 January 2013

Our new set of infographics highlight some of the most striking statistics in public health, health inequalities and mental health and how these are changing over time.

These infographics are for you to use and share – please just mention The King's Fund when you do so.

You can download the full slideset or view and download the infographics on Pinterest or from our Facebook page.

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Ron Wilkinson

Paramedic Practitioner,
Comment date
24 January 2013
Well done to the Kings Fund keep up the good work!

Karen Tocque

Honorary Professor in Health Intelligence,
Glyndwr University
Comment date
01 February 2013
These are great ways of sharing health intelligence. We just need to make the information (via infographics?) more available to the general public.

In Wales, we're trying some You Tube videos:
Health in Wales:

Ruth Tennant

Deputy Director of Public Health,
NHS Coventry/ Coventry City Council
Comment date
08 February 2013
Fantastic infographics - thank you. Huge potential to use these to convey local data to a much wider audience. Would love to have an infographic-based JSNA.


Staff Nurse,
Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
Comment date
08 January 2014
This text was useful in my training days and might be equally useful in my working life

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