Has clinical commissioning found its voice? GP perspectives on their CCGs

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  • Posted:Monday 04 April 2016

This slide set presents the results of our fourth annual online survey of GPs and practice managers' views of their clinical commissioning group (CCG) and its role in primary care.

You can also download the headline survey results:

The survey was conducted by the Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund as part of a three year project, looking to understand how the clinical commissioning groups at the heart of the NHS reforms are developing.

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Retired Clinical Scientist,
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12 April 2018

Two of the 10 principal recommendations by the King'sFund were on provision of Primary & Secondary prevention yet less than 2% of the budget is spent on this provision. Chronic diseases need to be treated with nutrients not drugs which are only designed to treat symptoms. If they cured diseases pharmaceutical companies would go out of business. Research shows these diseases can be prevented and reversed on a drug free programme

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