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  • Posted:Thursday 18 April 2013

Our new set of infographics looks at health care spending in the UK and internationally. It draws on the research from our Spending on health and social care over the next 50 years report and the results from our deliberative event, How should we pay for health care in future?

These infographics are for you to use and share – please just mention The King's Fund when you do so.

You can download the full slideset or view and download the infographics on Pinterest or from our Facebook page.

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Ralph Beckett, MD

qualtiyhealthcareplease (United States)
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09 May 2013
As an American I wish our health care system was as good as yours. Our situation of low value care with rising prices is difficult to understand. In the UK I always thought there was a cap on spending since the Department of Health had an annual budget?

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