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Part of Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England

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  • Posted:Thursday 04 September 2014

Becky Huxtable talks about her experiences of the health and social care system after her father became ill with dementia. Becky was one of the experts by experience who contributed to the final report of the Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England.


Sue hester

Retired RGN,
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13 September 2014
Whist I totally agree with the recommendations I still think we are missing a great opportunity to save on the care budget .
As a retired nurse with no children and my husband with early Parkinson's ,we know we wil eventually need help,but we want to stay together ,look after each other, and NOT,go in a home.
The ideal answer for us is a retirement village,with independent living,assisted,and care home all in one place.There are a few around but unless you can sell your house for £300,000 min you have little chance of buying into one.We don't need expensive high end apts,we need well equipped wheelchair access,wet roomed one bed roomed appts where as our needs increase they can be addressed without having to move and move again.We would willingly give up our family home which we will eventually find too much to maintain ,for a retirement appt fit for purpose.In this way we would not have to sell our home to pay for care as we could receive it on site in our own home as a care package that our pensions and allowance for care would pay for.Hopefully we would live our dotage abuse free,with dignity,and most importantly, together.

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