What's it like being a member of staff from an ethnic minority background in the NHS?

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Part of Inequalities and inclusion in NHS providers

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  • Posted:Tuesday 14 July 2020

This short animation explores people's experiences of racism and discrimination and may be distressing or triggering. If you've been affected by any of the issues raised, we’ve put together a list of organisations that can offer advice, information and support. 

We spoke to 12 members of staff from ethnic minority backgrounds about their experiences working in the NHS. This short animation outlines some of those experiences, from being bypassed for career development opportunities to the impact of micro-aggressions in the workplace.

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  • Read our feature-length article to explore these stories further. 
  • Learn how three NHS provider organisations are working to tackle workforce race inequalities in our report

About this animation

Thank you to the people who were interviewed for this short animation and who generously shared their experiences with us.  

With thanks to Nadia Akingbule for creating the illustrations and to Jolt for animating these stories and bringing these experiences to life. 

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