Ellen Armistead: Regulating community health services

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  • Posted:Friday 10 April 2015

Ellen Armistead, Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals at CQC, discusses CQC's new approach to community health care services and what they found in the first year. Ellen was speaking at our Community health care services event, held at The King's Fund on 26 March 2015.


Pearl Baker

Carer/Independent Mental Health Advocate and Advisor,
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14 April 2015
I am interested in how Community Health services are being transformed in London? should we not be looking at 'integrated' health and social care now? secondly why is my question to the CQC still not been answered.

My question is this:

Why are the CQC not asking to see the medical records of those individuals subject to section 117 of the 1983 MHA when Inspecting GP practices?

Am I correct in thinking the CQC are responsible for the implementation of the 1983 MHA?

How can the CQC award GP Surgeries excellent, when they have failed to ensure all those subject to section 117 are receiving health and social care, and in receipt of a Care Plan?

I am afraid I have documentary evidence that support my findings of service failure.

The CQC have got to get up to 'speed' and start to understanding why this is continuing, despite their GP Inspections.

The CQC have got to understand since 1st April 2015 there are many more changes i.e. the Housing Regulator is just one example, which takes into account 'Safeguarding' again appears to be unregulated!

The CQC have to understand that despite their responsibilities being it would appear to registered, regulated providers, there is a much 'wider' picture emerging. COP Orders for Property and Finance' individuals are being placed in unregulated accommodation, I would like to know who is taking responsibility for these patients subject to section 117 who have no control over their finances, yet are being abused by s failing system of health and social care, living in 'squalor'?

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