Don Redding: using a person-centred narrative to drive co-ordinated care

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  • Posted:Wednesday 19 December 2012

Don Redding, Director of Policy, National Voices, introduces the work the charity is doing on integrated care and the role of the narrative. Commissioned by the NHS Commissioning Board, National Voices will be representing the perspective of patients, carers and other service users. He is joined by Michelle Mello, Assistant Direct of Nursing, NHS Commissioning Board.

You can find out more about this work by visiting the National Voices website.

From our person-centred integrated care event.


Zabeda Ali-Fogarty

Managing Director,
ESP IT Consultancy Ltd
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29 January 2013
To be able to understand what is needed to enable integrated care, an analysis of the various systems is needed to produce a single whole system. Understanding the people their roles and responsibilities, knowing what facilities are available. Putting the patient needs first is an excellent start and following the patient’s journey and the various processes with the different organisations is very important. Before we start to address the various challenges we first have to understand what is currently there. Traditionally patient who needs acute care go to acute hospital, however now we have to start thinking differently, think for the benefit of the patient.

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