District councils' contribution to public health

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  • Posted:Tuesday 26 January 2016

In partnership with District Councils' Network, we have produced a set of slides that illustrate the key role played by district councils in keeping us healthy. We hope they will be a useful resource for you – please feel free to use them in your office, in documents or presentations.

District councils’ contribution to public health from The King's Fund

These slides are based on The district council contribution to public health: a time of challenge and opportunity, an independent report written by The King's Fund but commissioned by District Councils' Network.


Pearl Baker

Independent Mental Health Advocate and Advisor/Carer,
Comment date
29 January 2016
I have thought about why their is inequality, and why poor housing contributes to poor Mental Health; It comes down to 'Monitoring' on both counts.

I will bring the conversation back to the 'topic of the month' 'supported accommodation' with one added word -unregulated.

I will speak about my personal experience in my role as an Advocate in Mental Health.

This particular Housing Association (one of the largest) allowed their clients to live in 'filthy, disgusting' conditions? they had not inspected their properties for three years? while at the same allowed to put up their rents by some considerable amount on the basis they provide 'Supported Accommodation'/

NOT good for those suffering from a Mental Illness.

The Local Authority contracted out to a Private Management Company?
who also had a Contract with the Housing Association (supported accommodation)? Interesting because we now have one organisation serving two 'MASTERS', the LA are funding the Private Management company from a 'Supporting Peoples' Grant! so why are the Housing Association being allowed to increase their rents each years? for what?

The LA 'Care Quality Framework' (unregulated accommodation) allowed these individuals to live in filthy, disgusting accommodation? so we now have two organisations 'letting' down the Mentally Ill.

In actual fact there are 3 agencies letting down the Mentally Il in this case. It is the LA, the LA Private Management Company, and the Housing Association (supported accommodation)

The SUMMARY is NO independently 'Monitoring' of either. (or should I say ALL 3 Agencies)

The LA will not allow Public viewing of the CQF Inspection Report? because it was NOT them that did the Inspecting, it was the LA Private Management Company?

The Housing Association Contract with the LA Private Management Company is to ensure the 'fabric of the building is in 'good order' and to help the tenants towards 'Independent Living' .

'SUMMARY' the Housing Association failed to 'Monitor' the LA Private Management Company?

ACTION required:
Housing Association should be regulated, and Inspected by an organisation like the CQC.

Inspections should take place on an Annual basis or more frequently if a tenant, relative raises concerns. A 'friends and family feedback' system would be put in place, reporting back to a locality based 'Inspection' office. All Inspectors would be appointed from the locality.

My idea 'fits' in nicely with 'Devolution' and is workable.

My Intervention directly with the CEO of this London based HA resulted in all the one bedroom flats I was involved in were refurbished, with high quality kitchens and bathrooms.

The LA continue to refuse access to their CQF Reports, and the CCG appear top be absent from everything.

I am NOT in favour of Housing Association being given an exemption from the 1% rent reduction based on the above, without my intervention they would still be living in unhygienic, filthy, disgusting conditions, and suffering the humiliation of a rent rise each year.

PASS the WORD and Implement my ACTION plan,.

Hilda Dent

Retired nurse manager,
Comment date
01 February 2016
Here in Cornwall we have a Unitary Council,but no District Councils.,

We have an incinerator , soon to be lit, we have a clay industry with Calciner , just across a narrow road from the incinerator we have very heavy holiday traffic . None of this contributes to clean air.
It used to be that artists flocked to Cornwall for the fantastic clear light.
Of recent years that light has dimmed .
Please indicate just who is responsible for fouling Cornwall's air and what District Council will protect our health,
The Unitary Council are not prepared to undertake air quality testing of ambient air before and after light up of the incinerator, leaving the Suez incinerator company to give us their findings and the Council clearing their consciences by giving one of the Parish Councils £10,000. , a year to undertake minimum testingjVir3T


Comment date
05 February 2016
What a load of drivelly propaganda. As pointed out unitary councils provide the same services and with education, highways and social care too. It should be about how these services can be integrated properly with health and social care; not about a campaign to preserve an outdated tier of local government.

Pete Hill

Environmental Health Consultant,
Comment date
09 February 2016
Eric I agree that the unitary model would provide a consistent approach throughout the country but that does not disguise the fact that District Council services have been under valued for far too long. Current cuts are decimating services such as Environmental Health with some authorities now unable to inspect more than 20% of their high risk food premises while routine health & safety inspections have dropped by over 80% in 5 years. Many sold have sold their air quality monitoring equipment to balance the books and many LA's are struggling to provide even basic levels of housing enforcement. One of the problems is the public take for granted that the food they eat is safe, working conditions are safe, the air they breathe is safe and the house that they live in is safe. Its only when services ensuring those things are removed that the public notice the difference and once those services are gone they are unlikely to be brought back until the first Public Health emergency occurs.

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