Disability and solidarity during Covid-19: Clare Bonetree

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  • Posted:Friday 02 October 2020
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In thinking about leading through Covid-19, it’s important to recognise the leadership that comes from diverse sources – for example from members of the public and people who use services. During the pandemic, many people organised or got involved with new groups that they formed to provide support and solidarity with each other, particularly during national lockdown. 

In this video, Clare Bonetree, a disabled artist and activist based in Manchester, describes one such group. Clare organised a group of disabled people to discuss and share their skills and expertise in how to maintain their wellbeing during lockdown. The group produced an online ‘zine’ to share what they learned. This work highlights an important example of a group of disabled people responding to and resisting negative messages in the media and wider society, and coming together to support each other and co-create a resource that can also be shared with others.