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  • Posted:Monday 11 November 2013

Professor Clayton Christensen, Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, discusses the changes that are needed to meet the health and social care needs of the future. He talks of the importance of diagnosing diseases accurately and also of the impact that technology could have on health care in the future.

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Clive Bowman

Gap year,
Comment date
11 November 2013
"I hate to be disruptive but there is a slight confusion here between signs and symptoms, I'd suggest a bit of a retreat towards Sir William Osler would yield considerable affordability "

Andrew Goffey

University Lecturer,
University of Nottingham
Comment date
12 November 2013
I hate to have to admit my ignorance about this but wasn't Christensen's original research (and hence the evidence base for his claims about the virtues of disruptiveness) based on a study of the hard drive industry? Does this position him well to talk about healthcare? Is there some intrinsic link between the kinds of technologies one has and a causal understanding of disease? Hmm.

Ross Adams

Health and Social Care Student,
Comment date
12 November 2013
I can see where the professor is going with his dea but he needs to understand more about biology and deseases. He isn't a medical professional so he needs to do more research. It will bea long time before major technology can diagnose a person better than a doctor.

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