Chris Naylor: volunteering in health and social care – scenarios for the future

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  • Posted:Thursday 01 August 2013

Chris Naylor, Fellow in Health Policy at The King's Fund, discusses the scale, scope and value of volunteering in the health service. He also considers what the future holds for volunteering in the context of recent changes in the health system.

You can download the full transcript from Chris Naylor's presentation:  Chris Naylor: volunteering in health and social care scenarios for the future

From The power of volunteering conference.


Alison O'Grady

Programme Manager - Planned Care,
Central London CCG
Comment date
17 June 2014
Dear Chris

I am Alison O’Grady and I work for Central London CCG (which covers most of the borough of Westminster in London). I am contacting you both as a subject matter expert in the field of referral management.

We at Central London are doing some work to re-specify and re-commission our current patient referral service and ensure that it better reflects need and our local context. Currently the service is primary designed to reduce elective hospital activity and include a large proportion of clinical triage/review by independent clinicians (employed through a community interest company). We are keen to build a more bottom up model based around improving referral behaviour based around education, support and feedback.

As part of this work we are seeking input from an independent clinical adviser to help develop and quality assure our approach, including the specification and business case and help us to navigate some of the challenges we may face in developing our proposed approach

We would be delighted if either you – or a colleague you might wish to nominate would be interested in discussing this potential collaboration further.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. We very much hope that this is something we could explore further but if not please do pass on this email to an appropriate person.

I have also contacted Candace Imison, but understand that she is currently away from the office.

Kind regards.


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