Chris Ham: staff engagement and empowerment in the NHS

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Chris Ham

Chris Ham presents the findings of his review of staff engagement in NHS organisations for the government. He stresses the need for a culture of high staff engagement and devolved decision-making, due to compelling evidence suggesting that this increases quality of care.


#42302 stephen bridge

Dear Chris- a very helpful analysis, and one which we will use here at Papworth in our Staff Engagement initiative.
One tiny corrrection, and that is my tenure here as CEO of Papworth is 26 years, not the 11 as shown. I realise that means we should be doing better, so this has inspired me to try harder. Kind regards.

#42303 Brendan Martin
Managing Director
Public World Ltd.

You could not be more right that it is essential to improve staff engagement in the NHS. But your review's methodology is dubious in basing its argument about the benefits of employee shares on private sector experience, where the intrinsic motivational dynamic is quite different. Employee shares are not necessary to improve staff engagement in the NHS, whereas there are great risks from fragmentation. For more:

#42348 Robert Campbell
University of Salford

Could not agree more with Mr. Brendan Martin.

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