Chris Ham on making integrated care happen at scale and pace

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  • Posted:Thursday 21 March 2013

Chris Ham, Chief Executive at The King’s Fund, highlights the 16 lessons needed to make a reality of integrated care, drawing on work by The King’s Fund and others to provide examples of good practice.


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Jane Farquharson

Age Uk Knaresborough
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24 March 2013
So so frustrating We have developed a model of support that addresses integrated care and work with the discharge teams nurses and Health and adult servcies providing an assessment eithe at hoem or in hospital and once medically fit we can support hundreds of older peole with them paying a small part of their care costs and us supporting through charitable funds oR personal budgets the works so why will no body recognise what we have gor It will save the NHS a fortune !! Please contact us for details. Thanks

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