Chris Ham in conversation with Sir David Dalton

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  • Posted:Wednesday 05 November 2014

Chris Ham speaks to Sir David Dalton about Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust's journey to becoming the safest organisation in the NHS, and about what he has learned during his time there as chief executive.


Theresa Travis

Carer and volunteer,
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05 November 2014
I love srft the work ethic is second to none,the staff gave me the confidence and support to cope with my sons traumatic brain injury and still do,I asked to volunteer at srft because the staff do care and yes it is stressful,but the staff are 100 percent committed to patients and families,Happy Staff are a reflection of fantastic leadership,I have never met Sir David Dalton and his team,but I so admire there commitment


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03 December 2014
I would like to say my 2 brothers was treated at srft both with cancer my eldest brother died in october and my yougest brother died in June it was a traumatic time for all the family but we cant thank the stadff and dr's enough they were wonderfull nothing was to mi=uch trouble they really gave the best patient care and i work in the trust and i see dr's and staff i work with give good care and you think does everyone care the same as us and they really do patients are our prioity and i wouldnt work any where else i love salford royal its been my life for 30 yrs.

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