Cheryl Davenport: a health and wellbeing board for Leicestershire

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  • Posted:Thursday 14 July 2011

Councillor Ernie White and Cheryl Davenport, Leicestershire County Council, explain their approach to setting up a health and wellbeing board for Leicestershire and outline some of the issues they encountered.

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Integrated Care Planning Ltd
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23 July 2011
Fascinating presentation from Leicester from both the strategic commitment level from Cllr White and the 'how to' from Cheryl Davenport. As the name of my company suggests we are involved with collaborative healthcare solutions at both commissioner and provider level. We have fought shy (on a purely commercial basis) of HWBs so far as they find their feet. However, Leicester seems way ahead of the pack though. Be interesting to follow up with the two presenters. John King

mark brunton

welder/ peer support/mentor for substance users,
hopefully my own soon !!
Comment date
19 March 2014
I am currently volunteering as a support worker/mentor, to help in the substance abuse field.
I myself used substances many years ago, and also as a result spent time in prison.
I have been granted permission, after at least a year of hard work, to re-enter a prison in the area to join in on the peer support groups, and to provide motivational talks, as i have completly turned my life round, and i feel that my experiance and knowledge is invaluable to people going through the same thing.
This has never been permitted before. and is quite a breakthrough and achievement.
I am aiming for prison support workers/mentors to become a nationwide project, specifically using recovered/recovering users and ex convicts, to attend peer support groups in prisons. as i think/know, that this is where the experiance,knowledge.motivation and support is most needed to equip recovering users for their release and change of lifestyle.
I am looking for backing/ funding to help me set up a recognised organisation, or even advice/help to how i achieve this
I hope you can help
mark brunton

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