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  • Posted:Thursday 15 November 2012

How will patient populations change in the coming decades, and what will be the impact on the way that health and social care will be delivered? Our brand new infographics pick out some key facts and figures.

These infographics are for you to use and share – please just mention The King's Fund when you do so.

You can download the full slideset or view the infographics on Pinterest.


Paul Brown

Head of Transformation,
Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
Comment date
15 November 2012
Any chance you are considering doing a similar set around Long Term Conditions .. ?


Head of Digital Communications,
The King's Fund
Comment date
19 November 2012
Hi Paul. Our next set of infographics will be about re-thinking the location of care, which will include facts and figures about long-term conditions, so watch this space!

Tracy Levy

Secretary to the Trustees, EXTEND,
EXTEND Exercise
Comment date
25 November 2012
Thank you so much for these wonderful slides. I have shared your FB post on our page and teachers page. EXTEND exercise teachers deliver exercise in a fun and social setting, to those who are unable to access mainstream classes and would otherwise not be able to exercise safely. Our teachers and classes are often hidden in residential homes, day centres and tucked away in small community venues which are accessible to those who need them. Looking at these slides it is easy to see the positive impact EXTEND has on the older population. Thank you!

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