Chai Patel: providing sustainable care for the most vulnerable

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  • Posted:Tuesday 07 February 2012

Chai Patel, Chair of HC-One, looks at how care provision for older people has changed over time and questions what we could do differently to ensure better care for the most vulnerable.

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Gillian Seward

Bristol LINk
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17 February 2012
Chai Patel's vision for the care of the frail elderly was extremely interesting. I hope those with the power to put his ideas into practice will do so.
There is one area that has not been tackled here and which, to me, should be part of integrated care. That is the fact that so often specialists only deal with 'their' area and seem to forget the Gestalt theory (the whole is greater than the sum of the parts).


Greater London Forum for Older People
Comment date
18 February 2012
Totally agree wth Chai Patel, but at innumerable cnferences, reviews,consultations, it has been said before and much more on the same issue. Some good practice is going on, but the task before us is to make best practice the norm. We need to discusss strategies and create exemplars on how the changes should be made.

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