Catherine Foot: people in control of their own health and care

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  • Posted:Wednesday 05 November 2014

Catherine Foot presents our new report People in control of their own health and care, published in partnership with National Voices. Catherine explains in detail the eight key priorities to transform individual involvement in health and care. She goes on to discuss the report's key recommendations, including the need for a fundamental national conversation about a new relationship between citizens and services.


Pearl Baker

Independent Mental Health Advocate and Advisor/Carer,
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09 November 2014
There is no real understanding of what this actually means, and how the patient can actually ever be in control of their own health and care.

Information is crucial, who is going to help the patient? I am afraid Financial restraint by LA, Healthcare NHS Foundation Trusts in deficit is another major problem.

Until the MONITOR and CQC actually monitor the Agencies responsible for implementing everything that is being 'churned' out by NHS England and the DOH.

This is not an impossible task, however until the two agencies above have a better understanding of 'integrated' care, including what and who is involved it will never be achieved.

How can a patient be in control of their own health and care, without information. I would suggest Highly qualified Independentt Mental Health Advocate and Advisor is the way forward.

Other patient groups should be allocated Care Manager Co-Ordinators, again they require a high level of training in an 'integrated' health and social care system.

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