Carol Propper on choice and competition

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  • Posted:Wednesday 04 May 2011

Carol Propper, Professor of Economics at Imperial College Business School, talks about international perspectives on choice and competition in health care and outlines the potential for competition to deliver quality improvements in the NHS.

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Prof John Garrow

retired physician,
HealthWatch (Charity)
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05 May 2011
Prof Propper made many references to "the evidence about ??? shows that competition is associated with more/less ???"

She does not explain if the "evidence" is based on observed differences based on past records. This is a risky procedure.

To take an example: Does the number of supporters watching a football match affect the performance?

Analysis of past records will show that teams who draw large audiences are better footballers, but it is not "evidence".

It would be evidence if the test was a randomised controlled placebo control - so some of the teams had their normal number of fans, while other teams did not.

Please, Prof Propper, will you define the word "evidence". Is it the result of RCT, or uncontrolled anecdote. If the latter please do not call it "evidence.

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