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  • Posted:Thursday 25 May 2017

Adult social care is part of a complex system of services and support – including the NHS. How well the various components of a person’s care are integrated can impact on their personal experience of care. This video explains the importance of different services working together to provide care.

This is the fourth and final video in our 'Bite-sized social care' series intended to help explain social care in England: what it is, how it’s provided and paid for, and how it works with the NHS and other services.

We often hear about people being stuck in hospital because of problems arranging social care, so how does social care work with the NHS and other services?

Good social care is about keeping people well, preferably in their own home; but it can't do this without working with a number of different organisations and professionals.

Adult social care is part of a complex system of related services and informal support, including health, housing, welfare, benefits and leisure. As a result, people can often experience services that aren't coordinated, are difficult to access, and that aren't focused on their individual needs. This means they don't often get the help that they need until they reach a crisis point. They might then seek help in A&E, and once people are admitted to hospital they can often end up stuck there. Attempts to get this complex system to work in a joined-up way is sometimes called integration.

In 2014, The King's Fund set up the independent Barker Commission to look at the future of health and care in England. They concluded that tinkering with existing separate systems is not enough, and that we need to create a single system redesigned around the needs of individuals.


Pearl Baker

Metal Heath Advocate and Adviser.deputy COP RPR for DoLS DWP Appointee Carer,
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26 May 2017
First you have to understand the complexity of how Person Centre Health and Social Care should be integrated, and Monitored by those Experts Qualified to deliver, including those placed in Care.

As a RPR I strive to ensure Good Care is delivered! not easy for a worksforce that Mirates by the week, those mostly employed are from a European background or similar Zero Contracts and minimum wage. .Care Plans are often absent and the Registered Home owners often apply for DoLS but for them a formality.

My start for a better 'Person Centred' approach has started, not well received. The CQC appear to be absent in any exercise that 'Good Practice' integrated Health and Social Care is being delivered. I continue to the GP Inspections, another issue, that changes. The CQC have no idea following their current practice of Inspections anywhere if patients have now become 'invisible' by no or poor recording of their NEEDS.

I am currently in Palermo for the fourth Maundsley Hospital Conference, beautiful sunshine, hope to learn lots on Schizophrenia, drug prescribing, Dementia, and child Psychiatry.

To improve a 'Person Centred Approach' Integrated Health and Social Care you need to know how the current system is failing to deliver and WHY?

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