Annette Bartley: making Intentional Rounding happen

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  • Posted:Wednesday 09 November 2011

Annette Bartley, Independent Healthcare Consultant, The Health Foundation, highlights the key findings of the CQC report on the State of Care and discusses the benefits of Intentional Rounding for patients.

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Allyson Aujla

Returning to Nursing Student,
Comment date
21 February 2013
Very interested in the introduction of intentional rounding and the evidence base for it. Would there be any chance of speaking/emailing with you on a personal level ?

Ricky Strickland

Comment date
26 February 2014
I am assisting my partner writing an essay on intentional ward rounding and it appears that the Paul Snelling article reports that the evidence base for this procedure is poor. Are there any quality studies that demonstrate the intentional rounding is based on good quality evidence?


Digital Communications Assistant,
The King's Fund
Comment date
26 February 2014
Hi Ricky,

Thanks for your enquiry. I have spoken to our library team who will be able to assist you with this. They will be in touch via email soon.

Kind regards,


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