Anna Dixon: Monitor and the challenges of regulating the NHS

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  • Posted:Monday 31 October 2011

Anna Dixon explains Monitor's new responsibilities and looks at the challenges it faces in regulating the NHS. While there are some clear advantages for having a specialist regulator of health, there are also a number of factors that will make Monitor's role very complicated.


John Kapp

Comment date
13 November 2011
Thanks for this, which is sound. I have read that AQPs (like SECTCo) will need to be registered with Monitor and CQC before we can obtain a contract with a CCG. Is this true, and if so what is the process of registration? I cannot see why it should it be done at all, let alone twice. I have asked Nicola Vick, Regulatory Policy Manager of CQC, and she seemed to know nothing about this. I asked her to make enquiries, which she promised to do. Your response would be appreciated. Thanks.

anjan bose

The Multiconsortium Commissioning Group
Comment date
14 November 2011
good move needs more accountability of the independent GPs

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