Anna Dixon on health policy under the coalition government

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Anna Dixon

Anna Dixon, Director of Policy at The King's Fund, looks at the key health policies introduced by the coalition government, and at whether they are likely to be effective in future.

Anna Dixon on health policy under the coalition government


#39730 Simon Hunt
Cumbria Partnership NHS FT

In your summary of key messages, you state "At national level, the government has achieved substantial real-terms reductions
in the cost of staff, but the NHS pay bill has continued to rise through the impact of increments". In the detailed text, section 8 (p.49), you cite Clover 2012 as the source of this info. Have traced back to the source, and Clover 2012 does not mention the impact of increments. I hear this cited often as an underlying cause of rising pay bills, always anecdotally. Has anyone actually done any quantitative work to actually prove it? With the combined impact of staff turnover and a fairly high proportion of staff at the top of their pay band, sometimes I think the impact of "incremental drift" is exaggerated. Can you or anyone point me to any conclusive work on the subject?
Many thanks in anticipation...

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