Anna Bradley: how will care be delivered in the future?

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  • Posted:Wednesday 09 January 2013

Anna Bradley, Chair, Healthwatch England, outlines her vision for care delivery in the future, when she hopes that most care will be delivered remotely in the home rather than in acute hospital settings.

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Nigel Fenner

Founder and Director,
SEMPA CIC (or Supporting Employers Managing PAs)
Comment date
23 July 2014
I totally agree with Anna regarding the importance of health and social care being home based. In addition to web-based technology and the phone which Anna suggests, can SEMPA also suggest employing ones own care?

SEMPA believes if home based, and led care is to work effectively there is a need for a Contract of Trust between the disabled or elderly person as the employer, and their carer / Personal Assistant, as their employee. The best resource to enable such disabled and elderly people to take up their employer role is the lived experience of their peers. For a promotional video of SEMPA's Contract of Trust resource ( - suitable for groups and individual learning) go to

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