The King's Fund animations: Quick watch guides to health and care

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How does the NHS in England work? What is population health? And how do mental health services fit in with other public services? We answer these questions and more with our explainer animations.

Alternative guides to health and care

These short animations will help you understand the health and care system in England.

How does the NHS in England work and how is it changing?

What are the key organisations that make up the NHS? And how can they collaborate with partners in the health and care system to deliver joined-up care? Watch our animation to find out >>

How does the NHS in England work?

This animation is a whistle-stop tour of how the NHS works and how it is changing. Find out more about this animation >>

How does mental health care in England work?

Produced for World Mental Health Day 2015, this animation follows three people to explore the mental health services available and how they fit in with other health and public services. Find out more about this animation >>

How does the urgent and emergency care system in England work?

A whistle-stop tour of how the urgent and emergency care system fits together which also busts some myths about what’s really going on. Find out more about this animation >> 

Alternative guide to the new NHS (2013)

Produced after the 2012 Health and Social Care Act came into effect, this animation shows how the organisations within the NHS work and fit together – and explains that our new system is as much a product of politics and circumstance as design.  

Please note, the Alternative guide to the NHS is a more up-to-date version of this animation. Find out more about this animation >>

Bite-sized social care: What is social care and how does it work?

Here we have pulled together a range of content to help explain social care in England, including a series of short videos on what social care is, how it’s provided and paid for, and how it works with the NHS and other services.

What is social care?

What exactly do we mean when we talk about social care? We explain what adult social care consists of, the responsibilities of local government in providing care, and the wider societal context. Find out more >>

Who provides social care?

Social care is delivered by a wide range of organisations and professionals, and within families and communities. We break down the numbers, and take a look at what people providing social care actually do. Find out more >>

How is social care paid for?

Many people are surprised to learn that social care is not free at the point of use in the way that NHS care is. In this video we give an overview of how social care is funded. Find out more >>

Social care, the NHS and other services

Adult social care is part of a complex system of services and support – including the NHS. This video explains the importance of different services working together to provide integrated care. Find out more >> 

Our project animations

Here, we've brought together all of the animations from our different projects. From population health to integrated care, these short videos will help you make sense of health and care in England and understand the experience of people using and working within the system.

What is population health?

In this animation, we explain what a 'population health' approach is and what role we all play in keeping our communities healthy. Find out more about this animation >>

Joined-up care: Sam's story

The jargon of 'integrated care' is much-used in health policy and management circles. But why does 'integrated care' matter? And what will it mean for patients? This short animation aims to bring integrated care to life. Find out more about this animation >>

What's it like being a member of staff from an ethnic minority background in the NHS?

We spoke to 12 members of staff from ethnic minority backgrounds about their experiences working in the NHS. This short animation outlines some of those experiences, from being bypassed for career development opportunities to the impact of micro-aggressions in the workplace. Find out more about this animation >>

This short animation explores people's experiences of racism and discrimination and may be distressing or triggering. If you've been affected by any of the issues raised, we’ve put together a list of organisations that can offer advice, information and support. 

How does funding flow in the NHS

In this animation, we explain how funding flows in the NHS and how providers are regulated and commissioned. Find out more >>