Angela Coulter: how should patients be involved in designing their care?

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  • Posted:Wednesday 28 November 2012

Angela Coulter, Visiting Fellow at The King’s Fund, looks at what patient experience should look like in future. Patients need to be 'co-producers' in their own care and the system needs to become more integrated, co-ordinated and holistic. Patients are becoming more sceptical, which is a good thing, and they must be helped to make informed decisions about their care.

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Nigel Fenner

Founder and Director,
SEMPA CIC (or Supporting Employers Managing PAs)
Comment date
23 July 2014
I agree patients need to more centrally involved in designing their own care as co-producers / co-managers and for this to be integrated rather than divided into chunks. A perspective on how this might be achieved can come from the 200,000 disabled and elderly people in the UK who employ their own PAs so enabling them to live in their own homes. Whilst they are unsupported and unregulated they nevertheless have developed some innovative practice that the 'think differently' campaign might tap into. For example the Contract of Trust between a disabled employer and their carer / PA: go to

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