Alan Rosenbach: Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England

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  • Posted:Thursday 03 April 2014

What is the biggest issue facing the health and care system? According to Alan Rosenbach, Special Policy Lead, Care Quality Commission, there are too many human and financial resources locked up in the wrong part of the system. We need to move these resources out of institutional care and into the community.

He explains that we must empower wider communities, engaging with people on local and national levels, to find out how they want to use services.

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Dr MAlcolm Rigler

NHS GP and Health Ambassador at The Patients Assocasition,
The Patients Association
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15 August 2014
I totally agree that we need to explore new ways of developing conversations with patients and carers about the way services could be developed. The "Arts and Health" community in the UK already has very considerable experience in this area of community practice. We need to work in partnership with this group. When CMO Sir Kenneth Calman was fully aware of this possibility and tried to support this work. A key contact would now be Alexandra Coulter , Director Arts and Health South West.

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