Ailsa Claire: meeting the information needs of clinical commissioning groups

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  • Posted:Wednesday 12 October 2011

Ailsa Claire, Transition Programme Lead Patients and Intelligence, NHS Commissioning Board Team Design, explores the information needs of clinical commissioning groups. She also looks at the role information will need to play as we move towards shared decision-making for patients.

This was part of the 2011: NHS Information Revolution conference, which explored the information revolution in the NHS and considered how to overcome the technical and cultural challenges to fully implementing the information strategy.


Mary E Hoult

community volunteer,
Comment date
26 October 2011
I agree we do need to meet the information needs of clinical commissioning groups but feel it more important to meet the needs of patients and users first.Alilsa, we did speak on this matter at the last but one Y&H SHA public board meeting.All these changes need to take the patients along with them not ignore them until an agreed system is in place thats use able

Helena K

Director Information Services,
National Heart Forum
Comment date
18 November 2011
I think it is critical to understand the information needs of clinical commissioning groups, public health practitioners, doctors, nurses etc. etc. If the people who are responsible for treating patients, preventing disease and addressing threats to public health do not have access to the right kind of information and the right time, then we have do not have a health and care system or people that can run it and therefore we will fail to deliver health and care services based on the best available evidence.

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