2015 GSK IMPACT Awards: The Junction

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  • Posted:Thursday 14 May 2015

About The Junction

The Junction works in a deprived area of Edinburgh to support children and young people at risk of engaging in harmful behaviour to make them make positive choices that promote their health and wellbeing.

Working in a deprived area of Edinburgh, The Junction sees young people as 'assets' rather than 'problems'. Its services, such as counselling, street works, alcohol, drug and sexual health support are based around young people's needs. They are available at the right location, at the right time, with no need to navigate across different service pathways.

What the judges said:

The Junction's starting point is that young people are an asset with the potential to improve their own health. It targets a range of young people who would otherwise have slipped through the net, creating a supportive environment and building service delivery around their needs. It is an excellent charity demonstrating impressive achievements.

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