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  • Posted:Thursday 16 May 2013

About HDA

Based in Liverpool, the Huntington’s Disease Association (HDA) is a national organisation offering help, support and advice to those affected by the disease, including children and young people growing up with Huntington’s Disease in their family.

Huntington’s Disease is a hereditary disorder of the central nervous system. Its effect on families can be devastating and cuts across generations.

The Huntington’s Disease Association's network of Regional Care Advisors (RCAs) are all qualified health or social care professionals, and are dedicated to helping people manage their symptoms positively. They are the main point of contact for families, providing a 24-hour telephone service, visiting them in their homes and accompanying them to clinic appointments.

What the judges thought

'HDA’s innovative approach has made it a centre of excellence and an example for other charitable organisations. It is very strong, well organised and is extremely well connected with its potential client group and those who need to be influenced nationally and locally.'

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Suzanne Wieczorek

Comment date
06 February 2014
Raising money for huntingtons by doing the great Manchester run 10k

Patrick Smith

Comment date
02 April 2014
When we were struggling to come to terms with the devastating news that our youngest son was terminally ill with JHD the 'Juvenile' form of Huntingtons Disease, the HDA came to our rescue and literally saved our family from falling apart.

With their unprecedented love, help and support we overcame the dark cloud that had descended over us and tearing us apart.

The HDA ensured we got all the support we needed and were entitled to as we had no idea what to do, where to go or who to turn to.

For their invaluable and indefatigable support, we will be forever grateful.

Anthony McDonald

Huntingtons disease
Comment date
21 May 2014
I am raising money for HD by doing a personal challenges which is riding from Manchester to Blackpool.

Amy Prout

Comment date
18 December 2014
My 7yr old daughter will be cycling 10 miles in the New Year to raise money for this charity. We r all very excited to get planning ....

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