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  • Posted:Thursday 16 May 2013

About FASA

Northern Ireland has the highest suicide rate in the UK. For those in crisis FASA’s ‘Safety Net’ programme is a lifeline. Developed in partnership with 40 community-based organisations, it uses trained volunteers to give immediate help until the right support can be identified and put into action.

FASA provides a range of counselling services, support groups and complementary therapies and, thanks to its ‘no wrong door’ policy, no one is turned away.

Working with all groups of the community, FASA also helps children and younger people make informed choices about alcohol. While ‘Street Safe’ works with underage drinkers, its ‘One Stop Shop’ provides advice on drugs and alcohol, as well as helping young people deal with underlying issues such as bullying, family breakdown and unemployment.

What the judges thought

'Starting out as a small, local community-based initiative, FASA has
grown and developed an integrated community service model. It has a growing reach and range of services that are achieving positive outcomes.'

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