2012 GSK IMPACT Awards: Hepatitis C Trust

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  • Posted:Wednesday 09 May 2012

Hepatitis C Trust is one of eight winners of the 2012 GSK IMPACT Awards. The staff were awarded £25,000 plus two places on the IMPACT Awards Development Network training course.

About the Hepatitis C Trust

Formed ten years ago by people who have or have had hepatitis C, the Hepatitis C Trust aims to increase awareness of the disease and provide more accessible testing, particularly for vulnerable target groups. It has an international impact and an ultimate aim of eradicating this disease in the UK.

What the judges thought

'This is an impressive organisation, which is led and run by patients with the disease. The Trust's campaigning has had significant impact on national policymakers and GP awareness, while their local testing initiatives have cleverly engaged with target groups.'

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