2012 GSK IMPACT Awards: Crew 2000

Organisations that were shortlisted for an IMPACT Award between 2000 and 2009 were also given the opportunity to apply to the 2012 IMPACT Champions. Three organisations were awarded a gold champions award of £35,000 plus free leadership coaching and access to the IMPACT Awards Development Network.

2012 GSK IMPACT Awards: CREW 2000

About CREW 2000

CREW 2000, an Edinburgh-based charity provides drug counselling and support services, without judgement, for people looking to manage or reduce their drug use. Since its GSK IMPACT Award in 2008, the organisation has doubled in size and introduced a number of innovative programmes, including an online assessment tool. It continues to work closely with the Scottish Parliament and health service to support the implementation of a national drugs strategy.

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The 2012 GSK IMPACT Award winners

As well as our three IMPACT Champions, eight organisations were awarded 2012 GSK IMPACT Awards.

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