Taravandana Lupson

Leadership Associate

Taravandana has been practising and teaching mindfulness for 25 years, both within the Buddhist tradition and in public and private organisations.

She has also worked in the NHS since 1979 as a clinician (AHP), senior manager and organisational development specialist within acute, primary care, public and mental health, a strategic health authority and clinical network.

She has been running her own company, Future Lives, for the past six years, supporting and challenging individuals, teams and organisations to meet their potential for the benefit of patients.

Skilled in bringing people together to make a tangible difference, Taravandana is passionate about maximising the experience of patients and staff. She employs a wide range of specialist facilitation, organisational and leadership development skills including mindfulness, team assessments, conflict resolution and psychometrics, such as TEIQ, MBTI and 360 appraisals that build awareness confidence and effectiveness.

Taravandana is an experienced executive coach and mentor and an accredited Breathworks mindfulness trainer.