Kate Gosney

Leadership Associate

Kate Gosney is an associate with The King's Fund.  Kate was previously Director of Leadership at The King’s Fund and subsequently led work on the leadership review and NHS Leadership and Management Summit in 2012.

Before Kate joined the Fund she was Director of Leadership for the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Her team were responsible for the Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership project for senior executive development through board development work and coaching. She was also responsible for building leadership capacity in the NHS via graduate scheme programmes for aspiring black and minority ethnic leaders and mid-career entrants from other sectors. Kate led the national project to roll out the clinical leadership competency framework to regulated clinical professions. She has extensive experience in health care, development, delivery and networking at a national level.

Kate has a strong record of leading change and of developing people and organisations working with both clinical and non clinical leaders and staff. She is an experienced coach and is qualified to Level B Intermediate Plus in British Psychological Society Psychometric Testing.