Hugh Alderwick

Senior Policy Adviser to the CEO

Hugh Alderwick is Senior Policy Adviser to Chris Ham. Since joining the Fund in 2014, Hugh has published work on NHS reform, integrated care and population health, and opportunities for the NHS to improve value for money.

Before he joined the Fund, Hugh worked as a management consultant in PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) health team. At PwC, Hugh provided research, analysis and support to a range of local and national organisations on projects focusing on strategy and policy.

Hugh was also seconded from PwC to work on Sir John Oldham’s Independent Commission on whole-person care, which reported to the Labour Party at the beginning of 2014. The Commission looked at how health and care services can be more closely aligned to deliver integrated services meeting the whole of people’s needs.

Selected work

Lessons from experience
9 May 2017 | Publication
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28 Mar 2017 | Article
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21 Feb 2017 | Publication
Report of the WISH Healthy Populations Forum 2016
29 Nov 2016 | Article
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14 Nov 2016 | Publication
A way forward for the NHS in England
12 Nov 2015 | Publication
A review for the Department of Health
12 Oct 2015 | Article
Strategies for local integration
8 Jul 2015 | Article
The role of changes in clinical practice
7 Jul 2015 | Publication
From hospitals to health systems
19 Mar 2015 | Publication
Going beyond integrated care
23 Feb 2015 | Publication
Part one: NHS reform
6 Feb 2015 | Publication